BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, emotes, and more.


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Notable Chat Tweaks

Anon Chat

Blacklist/Highlight words and phrases

Recent chat history on chat load

Custom chat emoticons

Resizeable chat on the channel page

Show or completely remove deleted messages

Embedded Strawpolls

Improved emote menu

Unban all users with /massunban

Username color recalculation (prevents hard-to-read colors like Spring Green)

Chat image link previews on hover

Link info on hover

Double-click to translate chat messages

And much more!

Broadcast Dashboard

Prioritizes chat, and auto-updates channel statistics

Darken Twitch

A slick, grey theme which will make you love Twitch even more


On-site and desktop notifications when people send you messages, mention you in chat, and when channels you follow go live

Version 6.8R55
  • Added: /followed chat command to get follow age
  • Added: Support for Bits and cheers
  • Added: Option for hiding bits and cheers
  • Added: Support for new Badge API
  • Added: Modcard support in ChatReplay
  • Added: Support for resub messages and highlight notifications
  • Added: Viewer count on player in Theater Mode
  • Added: Chatter count in Better Viewer List
  • Fixed: Slow mode and timeout counter on send button
  • Fixed: Leave group chat button not showing up
  • Changed: /join and /part now work alongside Anon Chat
Version 6.8R54
  • Added: Dark theme for clips pages
  • Added: BTTV global and personal emotes in whispers
  • Added: Channel state icon for Emote Only mode
  • Added: Automatic theatre mode for VODs
  • Added: Clickable names in messages
  • Fixed: Notification sound for highlights and whispers
  • Fixed: Emote menu updating on channel change
  • Fixed: Dark theme in theatre mode
Version 6.8R53
  • Added: Whisper button on moderation cards
  • Added: Hide conversations when inactive
  • Changed: Replaced old Twitch emotes with cleaned up versions
  • Fixed: Duplicate timeout messages
  • Fixed: Missing host button
  • Fixed: Text color in chat replays
Version 6.8R52
  • Added: Option to hide friends list
  • Added: Option to disable frontpage player
  • Added: Better Viewer List (thanks to @ehsankia)
  • Added: Support for showing timeout reason and duration
  • Fixed: Tranlastion returning gibberish code
  • Fixed: Hover previews sticking around
  • Fixed: Limit draggable items to the window area
Version 6.8R51
  • Changed: Allow emotes in whipsers to be copied
  • Fixed: Dashboard viewer count
  • Fixed: Translation for chat replay
  • Fixed: Channel feed in dark mode
  • Removed: non-SSL settings import