BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, emotes, and more.


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Notable Chat Tweaks

Anon Chat

Blacklist/Highlight words and phrases

Recent chat history on chat load

Custom chat emoticons

Resizeable chat on the channel page

Show or completely remove deleted messages

Embedded Strawpolls

Improved emote menu

Unban all users with /massunban

Username color recalculation (prevents hard-to-read colors like Spring Green)

Chat image link previews on hover

Link info on hover

Double-click to translate chat messages

And much more!

Broadcast Dashboard

Prioritizes chat, and auto-updates channel statistics

Darken Twitch

A slick, grey theme which will make you love Twitch even more


On-site and desktop notifications when people send you messages, mention you in chat, and when channels you follow go live

Version 6.8R41
  • Added: Extra information in moderator cards (thanks @EhsanKia)
  • Added: New emote menu version
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with DarkenTTV CSS
Version 6.8R40
  • Added: Ability to disable username colors in chat
  • Added: Ability to disable host mode
  • Fixed: Slight CSS issue with Viewers list when using DarkenTTV and theater mode
Version 6.8R39
  • Added: Custom GIF emotes can now be added
  • Added: GIF emotes can now be turned off
  • Added: Toggling settings does not refresh the page (exception of "BetterTTV Chat" private chat system)
  • Fixed: Emoticon tab completion when "Tab Completion Tooltip" was enabled
Version 6.8R38
  • Added: Chat State Information (sub-only, R9K, slow mode, countdown timer after sending a message)
  • Added: Emoticon tab completion (mixes in with usernames when tab completing, but usernames are listed first) (Usage: Type a few letters of an emote and press tab)
  • Added: Moderator cards (when you click on someone's name in chat) now contain user's recent messages
  • Added: /join and /part commands temporarily toggle Anon Chat
  • Added: Moderator keybind for unbanning users (Usage: Click on a name in chat and press "u" on your keyboard)
Version 6.8R37
  • Added: /purge or /p command
  • Added: Link information on hover in chat (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, & Link Unshortening)
  • Added: Host button under video player
  • Added: Number of live followed channels when left sidebar collapsed
  • Added: Moderator keybind for permitting links (click on a name in chat and press "a")
  • Added: Anon Chat - Join channels without showing up in the user list
  • Added: Follows and Views automatically update on the channel page (thanks @EhsanKia)
  • Added: Double-click on a name in chat to paste it into the text box (thanks @Naththo)
  • Added: Whispers now give audio feedback if you have highlight feedback enabled (thanks @OurFlagIsMined)
  • Readded: Double-Click to translate (with limitations due to exorbitant cost)
  • Fixed: Title and played game didn't auto-update for hosted channels
  • Fixed: Cut-off emotes due to Zalgo text filtering change Twitch made
  • Fixed: HTML5 player for Safari on Twitch was not resizing properly